Courses for adults (aged 18 plus)

General French courses

Because everyone’s needs are different, check out our tailor-made range of general French courses. From the standard program based on 20 lessons a week to intensive sessions, via one-on-one lessons or evening classes, you’ll find the ideal option for you.

Specialized French courses

For professionals wishing to focus on a particular area and master its specific linguistic tools: business, law, European relations or cultural sessions which combine French lessons and cultural activities. Find the perfect program and make really effective progress, whatever your sphere of activity, skills and objectives.

Courses in preparation for exams and French university entry

A range of programs to help you best prepare for a range of French exams: DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF…
Tailor your classes to the exam you intend to take and, if you wish to follow an academic course in France, reach the level required for university entry. Precision targeted teaching designed to give you the keys to success.

A wide choice of other programs

Language holidays for the over 50s, French for expatriates, French for interpreters, French combined with an art, fashion or design course, French and skiing, French and leisure activities, made-to-measure programs for groups, businesses, universities, schools, international institutions…

Accommodation for adults

Accommodation with a host family

Accommodation in a double or single room, with the option of half-board with the family.

Single room or studio apartment in a hall of residence

Accommodation in a single room or studio apartment in residences offering a range of prices and facilities.


Schools may suggest a choice of hotels close to the teaching premises.


A private hostel is ideal for a degree of independence and the chance to meet young French people living there. The accommodation is generally in bedrooms with an adjacent shower room.

University campus

Accommodation in a furnished room in a college dorm with a communal kitchen area, showers and WCs on each floor. Some bedrooms have their own private bathroom.

Residential stay : accommodation on the premises

High-quality accommodation with full board in a single or double room with private bathroom.