All our guarantees

We offer a Charter of Quality with regular inspection of the centers. A team at SOUFFLE can arbitrate if required in case of a dispute between a student and a member school.

All over France and in Switzerland

Choose your host region from among our centers in France or Montreux.

All types of student

Aged between 8 and 17 for junior programs and 18 plus with no upper age limit for adult programs.
One of the 10 SOUFFLE centers will welcome you. All our establishments offer a program and living conditions that meet your expectations.
The SOUFFLE partner schools are aimed at students, teachers, businessmen and -women and seniors and juniors of all nationalities.

All year round and for all lengths of stay

The SOUFFLE partner schools are open all year round.
They offer special summer programs or junior programs, mainly during the school vacations.
If you choose one of the SOUFFLE partner schools, your course might last for one or two weeks, a month, three months, six months or even years in preparation for university entrance.

All types of course

The programs might be broad-ranging, intensive or extensive, in groups or as one-on-one tuition. From beginners to very advanced students, from general French to specialist professional French, the courses we offer cover a wide range of objectives and requirements.

All types of teaching method

The teaching teams regularly update their methods and make judicious use of the latest tools (cyberspace, video, role-play…).

All the examinations

The SOUFFLE partner schools prepare you for all the examinations which evaluate and accredit a student’s command of French.

  • DELF.
  • DALF.
  • TCF and TCF to apply for French Nationality.
  • TEFaQ.
  • Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

All kinds of accommodation

All the schools offer accommodation with a host family and at some centers you might be able to opt for accommodation in a hotel or university residence.
Certain SOUFFLE partner schools also offer accommodation in their own private student halls of residence.

All kinds of activities

At all the schools the teams will help you discover their town and region in the best possible way. You’ll be offered cultural, leisure and sporting activities, either free or at an extra charge.

Student testimonials

Shelby (USA)
"Everyone at Eurocentres La Rochelle is very knowledgeable and helpful. George and Valerie are super nice and are willing to help you with anything."
Carol (Brazil)
"The teachers are well prepared, the lessons are very interactive and the students are really nice. I have met people from all over the world. I am having the best time here in Paris and would strongly recommend Eurocentres for anyone who wishes to learn french."
Vaishnavi Kumar (India)
"IFALPES is definitely the best place to learn & appreciate the language and the people."
Harry & Janice (USA)
"We have had several immersion language experiences, and the ILP is by far the best we have encountered. We appreciated the friendly staff, small size of classes, and the flexible modular schedule adaptable to our ongoing outside profes-sional commitments."
Eva (Sweden)
"I’m content with my 2 week stay at Millefeuille and I think that I’ve made good progress."
Juan (Colombia)
"Planète Langues is probably the best place to learn a new language, make friends and have a totally cool experience!"
"My stay in Amboise was excellent, the inhabitants are very friendly and it is a great opportunity to learn the French language in a charming town."
Anastasia ( Russia)
"The lessons were excellent. These French lessons in Paris were really what i was looking for. Hope to come back soon!"
Jenny (Australia)
"My experience at CREA-Langues has been outstanding, not only from the language point of view, but for the opportunity to engage with staff and other students informally. The organisation and attending to detail is simply superb. I have every intention to return. "
Pavel (Russia)
"I've had the best experience at Regency School because the teachers were very professional and i thank them all."